May, 2010

May 10

Semantic Web presentation

Just finished my presentation on “Emergence & The Semantic Web”.

Needless to say there was a stunned silence, until gradually the crowd built to a tumultuous applause. Flowers were thrown and a chant of “MORE! MORE! MORE!” echoed through MZ as they carried me from the room on their shoulders.

That’s how I remember it anyway.

Here’s the Prezi if you fancy a look… although it won’t make much sense without me babbling over it. My first experiment with Prezi too, thumbs-up from me. It’s pretty big though so let it load before clicking through.

May 10

Sh*tty internet connection?

Google TISP in action

Getting connected is a piece of piss

If you’re one for falling for April Fool’s Day pranks, you might have gotten excited about Google’s latest innovation, Toilet ISP, back on April 1st, 2007. Those crazy Google guys may have been having a laugh but this week has seen the first fiber optic network installed via the sewer system in Ireland making quite a splash.

Fiber optics can provide a future proof data transfer method that can give lightning fast speeds but the prospect of installing another network of cables is a frighteningly expensive prospect. The “last mile” has always been a problem in rolling out infrastructural upgrades but I couldn’t help but appreciate the lateral thinking that resulted in this solution.

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