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Posted by Shane Casey on Thu, 17 Jun 2010

Just come across the MultiDraggable set of classes for implementing multi-touch with Flash, via The Flash Blog.

Tim Kukulski’s classes do an amazing job of providing proper multi-touch support by accessing the raw touch events instead of those reported by the OS, allowing for more responsive events and smoother control – which let’s face it, is key to any touch gesture controlled interface. It also gets round the biggest weakness in Windows 7′s implementation of touch support: only handling one gesture at a time.

This, to me, is exactly why Flash isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The Flash developer community routinely release open-source, innovative solutions like this… blowing native functionality out of the water. It’s why developers have always been able to do more – better and easier – with Flash.

Sequence 01 from Lee Brimelow on Vimeo.

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