Sep 10

Bluey’s Mouse Run

I'm afraid I just blue myself

The run is on! Forget Halo: Reach, Bluey’s Mouse Run is the game of 2010.

As mentioned in our last post, we’ve been hard at work on a game for Microsoft Hardware for the last little while. Well, today it’s live.

Get on over to and get involved! We’ve implemented some nice Facebook stylee social-goodness to get your friends involved and it’s just addictive enough to ensure you’ll be back for more.

Play the game and you’ll get a voucher code too for Microsoft’s sweet new BlueTrack mice at the Microsoft Store. Let us know how you get on in the comments.

Bluetrack mouse

Apr 10


Following on from Russell’s post, our Toshiba campaign has included another first for MZ – stadium advertising. Some people got excited about Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over West Ham, but personally I had more fun watching our perimeter boards.

Every design job has its own challenges and quirks but when you get specs like 1280×40 pixels it can really limit what you can do. We were pretty happy with the results though.

Anfield never looked so good.

England expects...

... these guys to try a bit harder. Come on lads, get into it!

Apr 10

Gearing up for the global soccer challenge

We’re lucky to have clients such as Toshiba.

While we do a lot of straight down-the-line marketing for them, the UK division is always prepared to push their brand in the name of a good campaign.

And this campaign’s a winner in my mind – get a free laptop or high def TV if England win the World Cup in SA this year. Heckins, if I was in the market I’d consider this offer very strongly.

Anyways, the brief for the UK website was to be a little bit out there, so we came up with the concept of a dressing room team talk, to complement the England Expects promotional messaging.

This went down well with the client, who, having visited personally before, wanted the site to look like the inside of the Wembley dressing room (the initial designs looked like an amateur dressing room, with lots of mud and half-time oranges).

The campaign went live last week, and looks like this:

The England Expects website for Toshiba UK

Wow - Fabio could walk in at any minute!

The miracle of inheritance

To complement the campaign, a large number of banners were commissioned to be completed in a short amount of time.

Having had a few campaigns lately using the Eyeblaster system, we now have a simple, robust and reusable set of AS3 classes geared for rapid turnaround and flexibility when creating standard and rich banners within Eyeblaster.

These were invaluable for delivering to the brief, and confirm the team’s philosophy here – invest in a reusable, flexible code base, and reap the rewards later in speed and stability.

Come on England!

Mar 10

Captiva is a go!

Screenshot of EMC Captiva site

Oooh, light trails

After months of hard work and (a few!) late nights, our Captiva site for EMC is live. It was a huge team effort so massive thanks to Claire, Tyrone, Chris, Dave, the White Balance crew and especially Russell for getting me through.

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes – the site’s built on our evolving AS3 development framework that Russ and I have been fine-tuning. At this stage it’s got the PureMVC framework at its core, with SWFAddress, LongTail Video Player, Google Analytics tracking, XML-based localisation and sequential background asset-loading as optional components that do most of the heavy lifting. We’re expecting it to be sentient by 2012.

Check it out at

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