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Jul 10

Emergence & The Semantic Web

Following on from the presentation I gave a while back, we’ve recorded the audio and posted it online on Vimeo. This should make a bit more sense than the presentation on its own.

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May 10

Semantic Web presentation

Just finished my presentation on “Emergence & The Semantic Web”.

Needless to say there was a stunned silence, until gradually the crowd built to a tumultuous applause. Flowers were thrown and a chant of “MORE! MORE! MORE!” echoed through MZ as they carried me from the room on their shoulders.

That’s how I remember it anyway.

Here’s the Prezi if you fancy a look… although it won’t make much sense without me babbling over it. My first experiment with Prezi too, thumbs-up from me. It’s pretty big though so let it load before clicking through.

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